Benefits of spin class

What are the Benefits of Spin Class?

Spinning also referred to as indoor biking or indoor cycling is a style of fitness class that takes place on a floor-mounted bike in a studio. Music is usually constantly being played to encourage and motivate the participants. The pace accelerates during sprints and then slows down. A knob on the handlebar can manage the difficulty and mimic even the toughest outdoor cycling climbs.

Spinning is becoming such a popular form of exercise due to the multitude of health benefits. That is why our spin instructors came up with a list of the top 10 benefits of spin class that break down the reasons why it is a trend that is here to stay.

1. Anyone can do it

On the bike, the weight of the body is carried by the saddle, so everyone can practice whatever their physical condition. It’s not like running where your weight will play a decisive role in the level or progression. If the pace of the leading pack in front of the coach distresses you, do not need to worry as everyone can go at their own pace. The practice is also suitable for beginners, “no matter what the capacity of the person, they will adapt to their level.”

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2. You can lose weight

On average, you can lose up to 600 calories in just one 45 minute session. Some see tremendous effects after just one month with two sessions per week. So if your goal is to lose a couple of pounds or even more and indoor cycling can be a great way that is much more reliable than running or cycling outdoors, especially in climates such as Canada when you never know what the weather conditions may be. Also as one of our coaches points out, “the effort being very intense, the body continues to burn up to twelve hours after the spin class. This is called the after-burn effect.” Clearly, the intensity of training develops muscle mass faster and the more muscles are developed, the more calories are burned in the mid and long term.

“… the body continues to burn calories up to twelve hours after the spin class.”

3. It’s good for the heart

In cycling, the heart works at different rates, thanks to the intervals of intense and calmer training phases. This is called the “split”. In addition to allowing the body to progress and gain in efficiency, this method can eventually lower the heart rate. In other words, your cardio fitness level can drastically increase. Winning!

4. Thighs are defined and tones the buttocks

Indoor cycling can achieve great results if your goal is to define and tone the thigh and buttocks areas.

5. You get abs

No need to do three sets of 50 crunches each morning. On the bike, the abs work as much as the legs. “We get up, we sit down, we tighten the abs to stand up straight … The indoor bike develops the abdominal muscles more than a course of thighs-abs-buttocks where you contract, relax. In cycling, we contract permanently.”

6. You get toned arms

The arms and shoulders also work, especially in climbs when you have to come up off the saddle. To accentuate the effort, some studios add specific exercises such as push-ups or weights. Another set of benefits from spin class.

7. There is hardly any risk of injury

“I have not seen a single injury in fifteen years,” says one of our coaches. For example unlike running, the bike does not cause shocks or injuries to the joints. The only thing you need to be careful about is your position on the bike, which an instructor would help you with because poor placement could result in knee and back pain. In general, as before any activity it is important to take a few minutes to stretch.

8. Constant self-improvement

The classes can be intense, in the beginning, you will sweat a lot and sometimes even want to stop. But driven by the music and energy of the group, you will continue. “We are in constant self-improvement”, is what every client can relate to. The positivity and motivation of the coaches push you to always do better and set goals, whether small or large to improve upon your next class.

9. You let off steam

If your day has not gone as planned, an indoor cycling session can help you feel better and dive into a cloud of endorphins. “The energy of the group, the atmosphere, the music and the effort make it possible to let off steam after a busy day, we are almost in a trance. Besides, some come every night just for that,” says our head coach.

10. You relax

For some, indoor cycling “is a bit like yoga. Spin has unsuspected effects on relaxation. “At the end of the session, we close our eyes, we focus on our breathing,” says one coach, “it is a time which one enters during and after that frees oneself from all bad thoughts. At the end of the day, you just have to try it to see the real benefits of spin class.

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