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classes - read about our specialty spinning and pilates sessions!
regular classes:

are one hour in length (including a warm-up and cool-down) with a focus on tempo, timing and rhythm. all of the hand and body positions are used to keep the classes fast paced and invigorating from start to finish. these interval classes are the basis of the classes typically taught at quad, taking spinners through easy, medium and intense energy output levels. quad instructors are those that have the courage and talent to embrace new techniques and styles of music and programs, evolving as the quad spinners improve.
introduction/beginner classes:

are essential for those new to the sport. it is very important that the first-time spinner has a positive experience at ease with other beginners in the class. it is also a great way to refresh after having taken time off. all of the hand positions are taught and bike set-up and proper cycling technique are shown. these classes can be less intense as the regular spin classes but will build your confidence and strength so that you can join in all the other classes taught at quad.
3 hour rides:

are a great challenge to work towards. different teachers take the stage each half hour and their diversity in styles adds greater dimension to this longer workout that commands all of the benefits from the endurance classes.
live dj classes:

are exciting impromptu interval classes matching the musicality and creativity of the instructor and our d.j. they take the class through the fast and slow songs including amazing remixes and superb club hits. the teacher has never heard the music before but they always find a great solution through spinning to get the most out of each mix and spinner.
60 minute endurance classes:

are longer classes that are open to any skill level but appeal to those riders who want something extra. these classes strive for an even application of energy and with time and energy constant road conditions are simulated developing better pedaling efficiency. the goals include toning, cardiovascular improvement and strength.
quad spin x-fit classes @ quad west:

george is bringing in a new type of class into the mix. this is an an intense workout using both spinning and crossfit exercises where one is rapidly exerting their muscles with a combination of quick power lifting using kettlebells, dumbells, and straight bars. this is a great full body work out.
eight week weight loss sessions includes unlimited classes at all quad locations:

these run for eight consecutive weeks.
classes will be 90 minutes in length and always include a regular cycling class.
things start off with a fun ride and a private weigh in and measuring.
details of how your body responds to cycling and exercise.
then the focus will shift to eating habits to enhance your activity awareness, other sports and exercises will be introduced on a regular basis such as; dance, pilates, yoga, martial arts, and resistance training.
participants will be encouraged to use their 8 week card to attend any quad, quad west, & quad east classes for the 8 week period.
bootcamp classes:

this bootcamp program is designed as a results oriented style of training. it is a high level intensity workout which combines weights, drills, both military and martial art, and plyometrics. it is a full body strength and aerobic conditioning workout designed to maximize your caloric output. each session runs for 2 weeks, 6 training sessions every other day and with many years experience under his belt, you find each day that george will be a new challenge, as results are guaranteed. please contact us if you have any questions or concerns as to whether this program is for you.
rider enhancement/teacher advancement courses:

this course will delve into the essence of class design, how to find and choose the music, comprehending the music, creating profiles and then finally the class presentation. quad theory will be explored as well as proper cycling technique. certification courses tend to leave out the most rudimentary elements, good technique and the ability to fuse music and personality into great demanding spin classes. this course is not designed to compete with them but rather add to your riding and teaching skills as these courses are expensive and time consuming. this event will make you a better spinner and a better teacher. participants will be taught advanced proper cycling set-up and positioning. those who have been certified and feel they lack the necessary teaching skills to lead a class will find this an inexpensive and quick presentation to become a better and a more well rounded instructor. others who are considering teaching will be given the proper direction about their future career. riders will discover the secrets behind excellent form and technique and the secrets that are behind a great class. the course will run 4 hours in length. this will include doing a ride, discuss current and quad philosophy, and include your own personal handouts and worksheets.
you tube/video classes:

include the 70 inch led tv screen accompanying the teacher who plays actual music videos, or interesting you tube videos, or bicycle riding footage set to music.
quad q&a - if you want a question answered, email us at

what makes quad unique?
it is more than just a workout. indoor cycling inspires participants to venture beyond "feeling the burn" and experience the rewards of harmonizing their minds and bodies through exercise. it is an individualist's sport and very noncompetitive as you determine your intensity.

what is the difference between indoor cycling and the life cycle?
the schwinn bikes used in indoor cycling programs have a truer bike feel with a greater range of control and adjustment for body type and level. it requires greater focus as you are coached throughout the class which leads to a more effective work-out.

how do i start?
you could observe a class and perhaps talk to an instructor. next pick up a schedule and get the appropriate gear; athletic shorts and running shoes or cycling shorts and S.P.D. cycling shoes if possible (quad rents S.P.D. shoes for $3.00). finally, bring water and a towel, identify yourself as a first timer and take a class. but best of all, try quad's introduction class on saturdays and sundays @ 12:00 noon. all are welcome and give yourself plenty of time before the class to get organized.

will it make my legs big?
no, it actually elongates your leg muscles (think of a cyclist's body). it is your genetic disposition which determines how your muscles develop with exercise. most large legged cyclists have added intensive resistance training to their exercise regime.

will indoor cycling help me lose weight?
yes, it will help you shed pounds and lower your body fat if done regularly and combined with a healthy diet. one can burn up to 800 calories in one single class but the average is 500 calories. it is also a fantastic cardio exercise regime, leading to a more energized and healthier life.

what makes quad so special?
quad has a warm, relaxed, and safe environment. all of our certified teachers and staff have been carefully chosen for their quality of instruction and love of the sport. they will always be dedicated to your safety and enjoyment. we have full showers, lockers and change rooms. quad will introduce you to how wonderful spinning is and how it should be experienced.

how long is a class?
classes are an hour in length consisting of a 45 minute ride followed by a 15 minute cool down and stretch.

are all classes for all levels?

yes, people of different levels can attend the same class. as much as it is a group setting, classes are structured towards the more experienced rider. but even the more tentative beginner will be nurtured.

can anyone do this exercise?
yes, people of any age, size or fitness level can participate. (it is always recommended that before beginning any form of exercise, one should always check with one's doctor).
quad testimonials

read what some of our members have to say about quad!
by steven b

my experience at the quad has been fantastic. i fell into indoor cycling quite by accident. we use it as an off season training program for our competitive soccer team and i decided to join in with the team. after that my wife encouraged me to try out the new club, i started out with a few visits then got a month pass and i then signed up for a year. my experience at quad was much better than my first taste with soccer club. at quad the instructors provide individual attention, develop you at your own base and provide a very supportive environment. going to quad is not like hanging out at the gym and feeling intimidated by people in great shape. it is more like meeting up with good friends and family to have a great work out. with a busy family and a hectic lifestyle the 45 minute sessions fit perfectly into my schedule. the results from my training at quad west have surprised me. my cardio vascular conditioning has improved dramatically and it did not take long to show results. i quickly noticed that i was not tiring out in the late stages of my hockey and soccer games. when everyone was dying i still felt fresh. my body fat percentage has fallen and my core strength has increased. i even noticed a difference in body shape as my winter tire started to disappear. i am hooked on quad and would recommend it to anyone.

By michelle m

as a gym veteran, it is such a treat to find a place like quad where every size, skill and fitness level are welcome. each instructor is there to ensure i get the best workout i can, through constant encouragement, technique tips and great music. i have yet to attend a class where i haven't gone further than i thought i could. i consistently walk away feeling stronger and happier. each instructor is there because of their love of cycling, not just because it is a job.

quad is helping me to transform and reshape my body. i am much stronger and firmer than i have ever been, and my butt is rock hard. i am in better shape than i was in my early 20's. quad is a treasure, and quad soon becomes addictive!

by jack c

i really would like to commend you on your operation. i gave up running after 38 years as our current dog was getting old and the vet suggested that it was too much for him so i retired with him and started spinning at a place if you were a golfer is a 3 iron from my house. two months later my wife started spinning at quad on king we went our separate ways after 40 years of marriage neither one of us was interfering with which place was better.

of course mine was!

my wife came to a few spin classes at 6:15am as she was on a time line and couldn't make it down to king and back. any way long story short she again started telling me quad is better. the summer came and went and we moved our main plant to a new location and i was working 24/7 we had 40 days to make the move so i was not spinning in the am any more as i was at work by 6am by 4pm i was cooked. she suggested i go with her to spin at quad east to class with bruce who was amazing i went once and the rest is history.

by niki f

I first started riding in 2004 when I was living outside of Toronto as a way of cross training when I was not running. I found those classes "ok" but nothing that I could get really excited about.

When I returned to Toronto, a friend recommended that I try Quad. One class and I was hooked! No constant yelling of nonsense, no silly moves, just great music, fantastic motivation from the instructors, lots of fun, and a RIDICULOUS amount of sweat! I started going 2 to 3 times a week. The benefit it had on my running was amazing. Without changing my running routine, I was posting personal best after personal best, regardless of whether it was 5km or 42.2km. My running friends noticed and wanted to know what I was doing differently.

It?s been 2 years since I first started going to Quad. In that time, I?ve introduced many fellow runners and my husband to Quad and Saturdays at 9:30am, you?ll find us bopping in Micheline?s class. During the week, I'm grinding up the hills in one of Anouk's killer endurance classes. This year I'm proud to say I was able to accomplish one of my major running goals; I qualified for the 2009 Boston Marathon finishing in under 3:40, an improvement of 35 minutes from my pre-Quad days.

I cannot recommend Quad highly enough! The classes and instructors top notch, the front desk staff are always warm and friendly, and the owners, Micheline and Martin understand customer service in a BIG way. Thanks Quad for doing what you do so well and helping me get to Boston!

quad etiquette
at quad we work to create a studio for everyone to have his or her best ride. in order for everyone's ride to be the best, we have a few suggestions:
  1. chit chat: respect the energy of the class and refrain from chatting throughout class
  2. sweat: help us maintain the space and the bikes by wiping away all the sweat from your bike
  3. calling and typing: please leave your cell phones and blackberries with your belongings
  4. respect the pack: if you have to leave the class early or if you arrive late please respect your fellow riders and find a bike close to the back
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